Show Wesugi[上杉昇]BIOGRAPHY

May 24, 1972: Born in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.

1977 [5 y/o]: Entered kindergarten, but left in one month to transfer to a one-on-one kindergarten.

1979 [7 y/o]: Entered Izumi Elementary School, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.

1983 [11 y/o]: During the summer vacation, ran away from his parent’s home with his mother and aunt and moved to Suwa Elementary School in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

1985 [13 y/o]: Entered Tokiwa Junior High School in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

1987 [15 y/o]: Through watching Guns N’ Roses videos, began to take an interest in rock.

1988 [16 y/o]: Enrolled in the Ikuseikai Gijyutsu vocational school in Yokohama, but voluntarily dropped out six months later. Formed first band with the former leader of a motorcycle gang, Isehara CHANGU.

1989 [17 y/o]: Started live performances at The Play House in Machida as a Hanoi Rocks tribute band. Fans were waiting to see them when they came out afterwards.

1990 [18 y/o]: Won a top prize at the Being Music Foundation audition and attracted producer, Daiko Nagato’s attention.

1991 [19 y/o]: WANDS was formed by Kohsuke Oshima (Key.), Show Wesugi (Vo.) And Hiroshi Shibasaki (G.) and they made their debut.

1992 [20 y/o]: Oshima left in September and Shinya Kimura joined. After that, the singles “Sekaijyu no Dareyori Kitto” (w / Miho Nakayama), “Motto Tsuyoku Dakishimeta Nara”, “Toki no Tobira”, “Ai wo Kataruyori Kuchiduke wo Kawasou”, “Sekai ga Owaru Made wa…” and albums Toki no Tobira, Little bit … , PIECE OF MY SOUL achieved over a million sales.

1994 [22 y/o]: Won the 8th Japan Gold Disc Award (1993 fiscal year, 4,112,008 singles, 3,187,564 albums).

1997 [25 y/o]: Left WANDS with Hiroshi Shibasaki and formed

2001 [29 y/o]: In July announced that went on hiatus.

2002 [30 y/o]: In the winter, started solo activities with a one-man show at Shinsaibashi Club Quattro and Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’.

2003 [31 y/o]: Started to host the live event “Ja-palooza”.

2006 [34 y/o]: Held The 15th Anniversary LIVE “The Spoils of Rock” at Shibuya O-EAST and Shinsaibashi BIG CAT, then the band Nekodamashi started activities from “Ja-palooza06” at Shinjuku Loft.

2008 [36 y/o] December 6: Performed with LOUDNESS on “PEACE MAKER SUPER PEACE FESTIVALBUM”.

2009 [37 y/o]: Miya 38, of Nekodamashi, started fighting a life-threatening illness and passed away on September 4.

2012 [40 y/o] August 26: Performed as a secret guest at “Animelo Summer Live 2012″ held at Saitama Super Arena and sang “Sekai ga Owaru Made ha…” with Tetsuro Oda.

2013 [41 y/o] May 26: The solo one-man live “SHOW WESUGI Live 2013 – Resurrection” was held at TOKYO KINEMA CLUB for the first time in six and a half years since 2006.

2016 [44 y/o] December 4: 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE “black sunshine Ø (ZERO)” starting at THE LIVE HOUSE CHICKEN GEORGE in Kobe and finishing at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, Tokyo at the end of 2017. Formed with a string quartet, grand piano, and acoustic guitar.

2017 [45 y/o] June 3: The movie “SUKABRO” was released, in which he played a gang leader for the first time because he felt enthusiastic about being asked by a staff member from his hometown, Yokosuka.
August: The first overseas one-man performance as Nekodamashi was held at Bandai Namco Shanghai Base.
September: About 15,000 spectators were gathered during a guest performance at “YOKOSO Taoyuan”, a Japanese festival hosted by the professional baseball team Lamigo Monkeys in Taiwan, and a record was made for the highest number of spectators mobilized that year.

2018 [46 y/o] January 10: An autobiographical book which was frankly written up until 2017, from the time of running away from home with his mother in a childhood home environment, as an extraordinary teen, from leaving WANDS after conflict with Being,, solo and Nekodamashi, and live CDs and DVDs Sekai ga Owaru Made wa… Show Wesugi 25th Anniversary BOX were sold all over Japan.
July-September: Toured Tokyo, Sendai, Kanazawa, Hiroshima, Sapporo, and Kyoto after a long absence with “Show Wesugi ACOUSTIC TOUR 2018 Survivor’s Guilt” as simple trio with Takashi Hirata on acoustic guitar and Mika Mori on piano.
August 1: The single “Survivor’s Guilt” was released with the fusion sound of electronica and rock by meeting with KASHIWA Daisuke with the lyrics about the guilt which warriors feel when they survive.
September: The first performance of “YNG (YOUTH NEVER GONE) CONCERT” is held in Wuhan, China, with Tetsuro Oda and NoB. In October, made a guest appearance on the last episode of “dunk of china” on Chinese video sharing site Youku, and acted jointly for the first time with NBA players from China and Asian star Jay Chou.
October 24: Released a solo album for the first time in 12 years, The Mortal, in addition to the world view written about in “Survivor’s Guilt,” he envisioned the soldiers’ imagined landscape during the Pacific War, picture scroll about love in the age of civil wars, and what a modern Japanese should be.
October-November: After the free live events for the first time at Aeon Nagoya Minato and at LA CITTADELLA, Kawasaki, performed at Minami Wheel and then held “Show Wesugi ELECTRIC TOUR 2018 The Mortal” in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka with a full live performance explosion of guitar, drums, and keyboard on the arrangement of the album The Mortal. Next March and April 2019, additional performances were held in Niigata, Hakata and Tokyo.
December 14: “SHOW WESUGI STRING QUARTET LIVE – black sunshine – 2018” was held at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, Tokyo.

2019 [47 y/o] January: Invited to a closed event of LEXUS CHINA, held in Hangzhou, China to perform a guest live event.
May: Released “Kazanbai”, a live venue-limited single, featuring Hajime Okano, who is famous as a bassist in PINK and who has performed in Lollapalooza and collaborated with L’Arc〜en〜Ciel, as a recording producer.
June: The second performance of “YNG” was held in Chengdu, China.
July 6-8: A fan club trip with unique events was held, such as, the first acoustic live in Okinawa + the audience singing Wesugi songs with the performance by Takashi Hirata & Mika Mori + Show Wesugi serving food at the steakhouse. In the same month, he was invited to “BILIBILI MACRO LINK-STAR PHASE 2019” held at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China and performed a guest live event.
August to October: Acoustic tour and DVD preview + live talk event held in parallel. At Moritake Onsen in Akita, he experienced playing at a summer festival for the first time and also experienced junsai tasting. On August 3, the third performance of “YNG” was held in Beijing, China.
October 9: Sang “Sekai ga Owaru Made wa…” at “NBA Fan Night” held at Saitama Super Arena.
October 16: The first solo live DVD, SHOW WESUGI ELECTRIC TOUR 2018-2019 The Mortal, was released. The first-run limited edition included the LIVE CD with the same songs. At the time of purchase by a fan club member, a DVD, pressed with a song that was not included on the normal edition, was presented as a gift.
October-December: “SHOW WESUGI MIXTURE TOUR 2019 Bokugo”, where the wildest Show Wesugi in his history was witnessed in various places, and a CD audition + live talk event.
“December 14: Released the single “Bokugo”, the third disc in 2019. The coupling included “Orokamonoyo” in honor of Kenichi Hagiwara, who passed away in March of the same year.
During the same month, was invited to perform at the Alibaba-sponsored event “Alifishi Animation Music Festival” held in Guangzhou, China, and invited to the Tencent Music Entertainment Awards 2019 (TME AWARDS) held in Macau, experiencing the red carpet for the first time and performed as the last performer of the day at the event.
After that, he performed for two days at the music event “漫世界2019 哇卡动漫演唱会” held in Wuhan, China.”

2020 [48 y/o] March: Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, the “MIXTURE TOUR 2020 Bokugo” and all “1st DISC in 2020” high-volume listening and talk events were postponed.
March 15: The first live streaming was held on the official fan club site.
April 2: Delivered video message from the studio at Hajime Okano’s house.
April 18: Held a live online talk event with an admission fee. Pre-release of the latest single “Kawarakojiki” on the web for ticket holders of the postponed tour, talk event and the viewers of the online live talk event.
May 2: Web radio program “SHOW WESUGI from inside Bokugo” was distributed on the official fan club site.
May 24: On-location filming was held early in the morning during the state of emergency in Tokyo. Started selling the 2020 remastered songs of his early solo works and live performances for download.
May 25: SHOW WESUGI’s illustrated Amabie (yokai) rice cracker & Ema wooden plaque set available on the web for a limited time.
May 27: Single “Kawarakoziki” released all over Japan.
June 3: “An autobiographical book: Sekai ga Owaru Made wa… 2” sent to old fan club members.
July: Announced the start of an acoustic tour with less than 50% of the normal capacity beginning from late August.
July 26: Held online live talk event with an admission fee. Web sales of the single “Shoumetsu” and the rescheduled tour goods were held for the viewers.
August-September: Completed “ACOUSTIC TOUR 2020 Bokugo” and “2nd DISC in 2020” high-volume listening and talk event while battling ill health.
September: The entire tour with the band was postponed again for 2021, and an acoustic tour #2 was announced for later this year.
September 30: Single “Shoumetsu” and “SHOW WESUGI 2020 MEMORIAL BOX Bokugo” were released all over Japan.
October-December: “ACOUSTIC TOUR 2020 Bokugo #2” and “2020 3rd DISC” high-volume listening and talk events at 11 venues nationwide.
December 14: Pojjo Récord’s first Christmas sale was held on the web.
December 19: Announced that an album would be released and a tour held in 2021.
December 23: Single “Ransho” released all over Japan.

2021 [49 y/o] February: Valentine’s Day sale for official fan club members only was held on the web.
March-May: “HEAVY TOUR 2021 Dignity” and “2021 1st DISC” high-volume listening and talk events held at 16 venues nationwide.
May 26: Album “Dignity” released all over Japan.
July-September: “ACOUSTIC TOUR 2021 (title undecided)” and “2021 2nd DISC” high-volume listening and talk events will be held at 14 venues nationwide.
December 4: 30th anniversary of SHOW WESUGI’s debut.

to be continued…